Friday, 31 May 2013

A proposal

BACI's Chairman and ex-planner at Bromley Council, Peter Martin has put together a proposal which we will be presenting to Councillors and also to British Land Corporation (the owners of the Royal Bell). We will still go ahead with starting the ball rolling on this avenue as nothing is guaranteed with Antic. If they didn't get the pub the building still needs a way out of its gridlocked situation which allows it to continue rotting in the centre of Bromley.

So here is it, enjoy :) ....

Thanks again News Shoppper :)

The News Shopper ran another piece this week on the news that the pub company Antic are trying to procure the lease for the Royal Bell. We fully support this bid and would love to work with the pub company who have over 40 great pubs all around London, if their bid was successful. There is a fantastic Heritage Lottery Fund which has just opened for applications called the Heritage Enterprise Grant and is aimed completely at projects and community groups like ours. Take a look at the information here (and definitely watch the little video at the end of the page). We would so love to be able to utilise this fantastic fund for preserving and celebrating our own piece of Bromley heritage. Fingers crossed everyone please!

Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Antic Pubs make a bid for the Royal Bell

Last week I got news that Antic Pubs had put in a bid for the Royal Bell. This means (as far as I can work out!) that they have bid for the sub lease of the property from the current leaseholders Spirit Group. Things move slowly but we are told that negotiations are underway and there is hope they will procure the sub lease soon. As with every other deal though this might fall through and despite being a great pub company who have a reputation for restoring and breathing life back into old pubs there might just be too many problems with taking on the delapidated Royal Bell.

I will keep you all posted here and on the Facebook page so keep your fingers crossed that it goes through. We'd love to work with the new pub company if they get the lease and we are in contact with them, I have proposed a way they could team up with us to qualify for funds from the Heritage Lottery Fund so I really hope they will seriously consider it.

Fingers crossed people! :)