The Royal Bell - A traditional pub

It is estimated that around 5 pubs in Britain close every day. With increasingly accessible and cheap entertainment at home in the form of TV, computer games, films and the internet, coupled with rising taxation on alcohol and a double (or is it triple now?) recession, our pubs must fight to stay alive in these tough economic climes. The pub's role as "hub of the community" now plays a far narrower role than it did, but all is not lost.

When innovative pubs and pub companies have moved with the times and offered people all the things that make up the very essence of a proper British pub a quiet revival has been happening. Examples of where great pubs have helped boost the local economy in struggling areas include East Dulwich and Crystal Palace, both of which have a thriving pub and community scene.

We believe in the power of the pub to bring people together, to connect them and give a sense of place. We also like our beer (!) and support the work that CAMRA do to promote the appreciation of good beer in comfortable and enjoyable surroundings, moving away from the mass produced lager and characterless bars we have become so used to seeing pop up in our town centres.

There's a lot to be said for the pub as a central and informal place to get together, to socialise, to meet, share ideas, pass on information and enjoy our leisure time. Apart from anything else most great ideas sprang into life in one (this project was conceived in the fantastic Barrel and Horn no less!), and odds on many of you readers will have met a future boyfriend or girlfriend in one.

So if you're into pubs (I mean in a business sense!) or know someone who might want to get involved in the pub side of the Royal Bell do get in touch. Applications from those sharing our traditional pub loving values only though please!

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